jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

Crudeza Americana

WSJ publica las cosas que Obama “No Debería hacer”. Una listita, con forma de nota, tal vez un poco extremista y desesperada, pero divertida para leer. Pareciera escrita por alguien asustado, o tal vez por alguien con una visión demasiado previsora y llena de malos augurios:

“His (Obama´s) will be a fascinating presidency to watch, not least because of his inexperience, his intellectual agility, and the crisis in which he finds himself. But his presidency will get really interesting in a year or two, or six months -- whenever he finally realizes that everything he thought he wanted to do is irrelevant.”

Y el artículo sigue, sin pensarlo dos veces, hablando de la autonomía energética:

“Put away the "energy independence" conceit. This notion, a favorite of Tojo and Hitler, was debunked by Churchill, who reasoned that true energy security came from a diversity of suppliers, not the foolish pursuit of self-sufficiency. (...) Through all the ups and downs of oil prices, the U.S. has been able to buy all it wants, even from countries that wish us dead.”

Por último, se desquita criticando los impuestos, y, cuándo no, el gasto:

“Put away class warfare tax politics: Only a flatter, less distorting tax code is compatible with the kind of growth needed to get us out of the debt mess without inflation."

"Like a subprime borrower who hasn't gotten the news yet, now is not the time to go deeper into debt to build a third Jacuzzi. Our politicians need to address an accumulation of past excesses before sponsoring new ones.”

Yes we can.

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